I have a lot of fun selling my books at the Saturday Market in Grand Marais. I don’t make much money from a book, and I don’t sell all that many, but some helpful contact or interesting conversation or thoughtful question always materializes. I look forward to those gems.

Every so often someone wonders about The Veil––what is it? I have been thinking about how to explain it, so that I can be better prepared to answer that question. The Veil is the thin invisible boundary between:

                 conscious         unconscious
               five senses         beyond five senses
                 sensation         awareness
                   knowing         not-knowing
                 intellect         mind
               controlling         allowing
                attachment         letting go
                      time         timelessness
                      Point        Zone
                     object        space
             Physical World        Dream/Spirit World
          immediate present        ever-present

The two sides of the Veil are mirror images of each other. Transcendence is an energy state that includes the two simultaneously.  They do not cease to exist as they are, they become part of a whole that includes both. Then they exist together, not as One, but as the One With Everything.