This summer I listened to the podcast Voting While Black, which did a series of interviews in January with the democratic then-candidates for president. The last one was with Kamala Harris. In her interview, she talked about her lifelong work in social justice. As I listened, I heard her words also applying to the parallel work of spiritual evolution––the work of advancing Love and Compassion and collaborative energy.

She talked about “widening the path”. When you do your work you are improving yourself, of course, but you are not doing it for your own glory, you are doing it for others. You are doing it to break down barriers, to get the door open, and then to keep it open for others to come through. She mentioned a quote from her mother: “Be the first one through the door, but not the last.” The point is to get the door open, to create the path, and help the path widen so more and more people can come through.

I’ve heard this very same directive many times from the Teachers. They use the analogy of a rabbit trail through the woods. When few people are living in the present moment and accessing information beyond the five senses, the path is not well-known or well-traveled. The more people travel the path, the wider it gets energetically. Eventually there will be a super-highway in this direction. Then it will be easier for people to find, access, and travel there. The traveling itself will get easier because the flow is so great—you just have to enter the stream. But you have to start somewhere right now, one by one by one, in order to get there in the future.

Harris also talked about the feeling of being alone. You can feel like you’re the only one at the table, in the board room, on the path. Other people tend to make comments that reinforce this: “you’re the only one who’s doing this”, and “you have some special quality”, etc. I have heard these comments often, that somehow I’m different and unique because I am accessing these conversations across the veil. But one of the Teachers’ directives is for me to help other people to travel the path. To guide and support anyone who is willing to loosen their grip and make The Shift into expanded reality. Everyone is capable of accessing this wisdom. It just takes practice.

And, really, she said, you are not alone. Because you are standing on the shoulders of everyone who was on the path before you, who made it possible for you to be on the path. You are standing on the shoulders of the ancestors (yes, she actually said that). Everyone everywhere who is also on the path is with you, even though they may not be actually present.

This is all so inspiring, from both the social justice and a spiritual evolution standpoint. It’s a reminder of the importance of staying connected with the bigger picture, the larger context–with universal energy–and staying the course.