The last post, Lineage and Light, encouraged us all to be carriers of the Light. What is The Light??

When I first started on this path of moving Love, I used the term ‘spirituality.’ By that I meant the vibrations that occur inside a person, that describe our way of seeing and connecting positively with our inner and outer worlds. I found, however, that using the word ‘spirituality’ often bogs down discussion. It carries the cultural baggage of Christianity, the most common religious attachment in Western culture. Google spirituality and most of what comes up refers to that specific religion. Formal religions do not have a lock on spirituality. Formal religions are human-constructed formats for exploring spirituality. But because of this religious association I had to find new terminology.

I began using ‘expanded consciousness’ as a framework. In the West, ‘consciousness’ seems to be linked to the intellect, and this prevents it from describing the broader energy patterns of the mind and the Universe. Adding ‘expanded’ to ‘consciousness’ seems to help this somewhat, by implying that there is more.

‘The Light’ also seems to be an improvement in terminology. It offers a nondescript reference to the brilliant light emanating from The One, the place we come from and go back to when our time on Earth is finished. It does have problematic cultural connections, however, between Light/Dark and racism. Maybe that’s where Luminance and Luminosity come in, describing a glow or aura or expanded energy field.

It’s all semantics, but it does make a difference. It affects how we connect to The Everything and how we communicate that with each other. I think the real issue here is that Westerners are so focused on five-sense reality that we haven’t developed the skills––and thus the words––to experience energy beyond it. The Shift describes an evolutionary leap in human consciousness toward expanded reality. It’s happening now. Those who carry the vibration of Light are The Shift’s pioneers and path-makers.

***I’d love to hear what kind of words you use to describe your spiritual path!
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