“If you had to blame all the unpleasantness of life on one culprit, unmet expectations would be a solid choice. Reality is not inherently a problem. What makes it a problem is a person who thinks reality should be something other than what it is. The retrogrades of Venus, Saturn, Neptune and Pluto challenge us to improve at the art of setting expectations.”

This is the Holiday Mathis reading for today and, wow, is it appropriate. According to UPS tracking, my first shipment of new books is due today! I’ve been working on The Next World, Our Expanding Consciousness for three years. I got a little jammed up against the deadline for a book launch in August, and had to order some books without seeing the final proof of the cover. I’m feeling several emotions at once. I’m hoping that the cover will be acceptable, and I’m trying not to go down a rabbit hole of worry before the books even get here. I’m also soaring with anticipation, like a kid at Christmas, excited to get my packages, my books!

All of that is based on expectation, on a future that hasn’t happened yet, and many things could impact the outcome in the interim. Deep breath. Stay in the moment. Accept that it’s gonna be what it’s gonna be.

And listen for the UPS truck lol.