“The magic of adulthood happens when you finally become the person you most want to be with.” (Amy Dickinson).

It is very satisfying to let go of expectations and just be who you are. For many people, this happens later in life, after the wave of ego-driving hormones settles down and we view the world from a lifetime of experience. Then we can say “Hello, Me” with love and appreciation.

I would add that the magic of adult relationships happens when we finally realize that not everyone is just like us. Like snowflakes and sand crystals, there are no two alike. We all have different personalities, experiences and histories. When we realize that, and accept that every one of us––every one of billions of us––is doing their best in their own way, then true compassion emerges.

The Dalai Lama has an expression he uses to remind himself that everyone is on the same level, that there is no one of greater or lesser status, no competition. When he meets someone, he says “Hello, Human”.