I’ve sometimes been asked to use my skills to help people connect with a person who has passed on. While I have occasionally done this, I never feel very comfortable with it. The spirits can be frustrated, because the energy of the information is affected when it comes through me. The spirits want to connect directly with their loved one.

In a recent dream, I was high up above a sacred fire, in the smoke, trying to balance on a tall ladder that was not securely grounded. It was a dangerous situation. An elder came to me and said: The smoke does not need tending. These are the prayers that have already been lifted beyond this plane. What needs tending are the coils, the source of these prayers. The fire must be kept burning for the smoke to rise to the level of the spirit world. That is what is happening in this dimension—creating the prayers in the coils and releasing them.

The coils he is referring to are spools of energy in our bodies. When we are living a life of spiritual purpose, we are freeing those coils, allowing them to expand and create positive energy ripples, generating energy with intention. It is an action that feeds the human world and in the universe.

My job is not to tend the prayers, but to encourage others in the building of their own spiritual fires.